Account Receivable

AccTan invoices are easy to create, beautiful, and full-featured. (payment terms, multiple taxes, discounts, pricelists)  

Account Payable

Compare the information appearing on the Purchase Order, the Vendor Bill, and the Receipt to make sure you pay the correct bill.

Pay Bills

Get a proposition of supplier bills to pay and print checks in batch in just a few clicks. Support your own payment flows.


Use the built-in import-export tool to mass import or export. You can export then import the same data to mass update through excel sheets.

Bank & Cash

Get your bank feeds automatically from the bank. Easily track every cash transaction with opening and closing. Get all statements concerning your transaction.

Legal Statements

Get your current year earnings automatically reported to your balance sheet to report at any time without having to close/open fiscal years.

Save Time

A fast and modern user interface your users will love. Follow what interests you, get automatic alerts, and collaborate on documents easily.

Get Paid Easly

Get clear reports on customer statements and navigate easily through the documents to understand every customer use case. 

Assets & Revenues

Track assets, depreciation boards and generate amortization entries automatically. Manage all events on your assets in just a few clicks. Track your budget and compare actual performance with ...

Performance Report

 Get standard reports and charts of accounts available. Export to Excel and pdf.

Multi Company

Get all your subsidiaries integrated into the same system with consolidation reports in real-time. Automate business flows with inter-company rules.

Advanced Access Rights

Access rights are super flexible. Default configurations are already set up for accountants. Limits different users to access and use limited functionalities throughout the system.

Easy Reconciliation

Get partial and full reconciliation proposition directly from the invoice or the bank statement. Audit differences between your accounts and your bank statement balance to ease reconciliation.

Analytic Accounting

Structure automatically your analytic accounts based on projects, contracts, departments, etc.


AccTan integrated with our payroll and human resource management systems called PayTan. Also integrated with Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, and Airtel money.

Why AccTan?

Enjoy using a simple accounting system with the best accounting keys.


Adjustments, Journal entry (JE), credit note, debit note, and billing.


Delivery note, Goods received, Return inwards and outwards, Requisition, Purchase order.


With paytan a payroll and human resource management system, Mpesa, Airtel Money, and Tigo Pesa.

Chart of accounts

General ledger, internal, external, and vendor accounts. Assets, income, liability, equity, cost of sales.

Cash book

Receipts, payment (expences), deposit voucher, and petty cash.

Activity log

To show each and every change performed in the system and who perform it.


Bank reconciliation and budgeting.


Acctan use the sequence of first in first out.


General and account setting, User management, Role management, set tax, exchange rate, report codes.


Financial statements include the income statement, balance sheet, trial balance, notes to financial statements, customer statements of cash flow. Debtors and creditors report like out balance, statuses, statistics, and their statements. Inventory reports such as stock reports, low stock notifications. All transactions reports also by account, receipts, receivable and payable again. Analysis book and invoices.